The Visitor visa program allows you entry to Australia wanting to undertake temporary and non-work related activities. This could include visiting friends and/or family, tourist activities or participating in an organised tour group.

The Visitor visa program is structured into four subclasses:

  • Visitor (Class FA) subclass 600;

  • Electronic Travel Authority (Class UD) subclass 601;

  • eVisitor (Class TV) subclass 651; and

  • Medical Treatment (Class UB) subclass 602.

Eligibility streams under the Visitor visas

  • Tourist;

  • Sponsored Family;

  • Approved Destination Status and Business.

Deciding which Visitor visa to use

The visa subclass determines the type of Visitor visa and the eligibility stream determines the purpose for the visit under that visa. Different subclasses of visas are available for different passport nationalities, taking into account high and low risk factors.

Visitor visa conditions and validity
Mandatory visa conditions of no work and no study are imposed on Visitor visas and work is only allowed in very limited and exceptional circumstances. Genuine volunteer work, carer activities and online work is permitted on a Tourist visa.

Generally Visitor visas are valid for periods of between 3 to 12 months from the date of grant and generally allow a stay of up to 3 months on each entry to Australia.