Partner visa application – find out your options!

Would you like to bring your loved one to live with you in Australia? Are you an Australian permanent resident, Citizen or eligible NZ Citizen?

The Partner visa allows you to sponsor your spouse or de facto partner to live in Australia. You can apply for a partner visa either onshore or offshore, however it is important to understand all the requirements before lodging your application.

Both the onshore and offshore partner visa options are lodged as a combined application.

In most cases, the partner visa application is comprised of two steps: first step being the temporary residency and the second step being the permanent residency.

Offshore visa options (partner outside Australia):

• Prospective Marriage (Fiancé visa) (Subclass 300)

• Offshore Partner Visa (Subclass 309/100)

Onshore visa options (partner in Australia):

• Onshore Partner Visa (Subclass 820/801)

What are the most important aspects of the partner visa application? Genuine & Continuing Evidence.

  • The nature of your household - Evidence that you and your partner share responsibilities in your household, for example living arrangements, statement about the way housework is distributed, joint utilities bills, joint responsibility for day-to-day living expenses, etc.

  • The nature of your commitment to each other - The knowledge of each others family background, contact during periods of separation, etc.

  • Financial evidence of your relationship - How do you and your partner share your financial responsibilities: this can be evidence of any joint bank account, joint ownership of cars, health insurance, etc.

  • History of your relationship - Statements from you and your partner about how, when and where you first met, how the relationship developed, when did you enter into a relationship, level of commitment to each other and your future plans.

  • Social context of your relationship - How your relationship with your partner is seen by your friends and family. Evidence that you attend events together as a couple, joint travel, joint participation in sporting, cultural and social activities, etc.

Did you know?

That if you register your relationship with the relevant state or territory, the 12-month relationship criteria is considered to have been met.

If you apply onshore for the partner visa application, you may be eligible for temporary Medicare after lodgement.

In certain circumstances you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence right away.

For the second step of the application, please note the two years clock start counting from the date of lodgement of the first step and not from the date of visa grant.

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